Legal advice

Legal advice

When entering a foreign market, we also help our customers with the legal aspects of expansion. Typically, these are products and services that are subject to special legal regulation in foreign countries (food supplements, wine, and software, for example), so we have established cooperation with partner law firms in every European country and regularly consult with them on these issues. Simpler legal analyses are then carried out by our partner Czech law firm.

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What can we help you with

PPC advertising

We setup PPC advertising from A to Z including localization into foreign languages.


Our localization projects are worked on by bilingual native speakers

Campaign Optimization

We use the exactivisation method for campaigns so that campaigns are as accurate as possible and drive relevant visitors.

What will it bring you?

Legal services from a proven local law firm .

Outputs in English or another foreign language.

Court translation - if necessary, we provide translations with a so-called round stamp (documents or contracts).

What do our customers say about us?

Skladová okna Entry into the Austrian and German markets

„We started cooperation with Mr. Střítecký on the actual implementation of the foreign business, which entailed the preparation of the e-shop, localization and subsequent marketing - this is the main advantage for us - their complexity.“

Ladislav Horčica
— Executive Director

Veit Electronics Expansion into Latin America

„Jan Střítecký helped us with our expansion into Latin America. The analyses he provided revealed opportunities and barriers to entry in distant foreign markets. Although penetrating Latin American markets proved more difficult than we thought, the analyses of each market helped us determine which area made sense to focus on. I highly recommend their services.“

Svatopluk Žák
- Sales manager

SK-Keramik-Stein Entry into the Swiss market

„With ExportPilots, we have started to prepare our entry into the Swiss market. First of all, they provided us with a detailed analysis on the basis of which we could build a development strategy. This was followed by keyword analysis and the actual implementation of the website and marketing. We highly recommend working with ExportPilots. We appreciate the comprehensive services under one roof and the personal approach they take throughout the cooperation.“

Klára Odehnalová

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